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Latexa Deutschland GmbH is STRICTLY a manufacturer which sells to retail stores only and does not sell directly to the general public.

If you are interested in our products for personal use, you can either visit a retail store near you or order from an on-line retailer that carries our products.

Contact us for informations regarding retailers in your area by phone or email.


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Gasmask Converter - Piss/Gear - Fetish Pleasure
Fetish Pleasure-Gasmask Converter-Piss/Gear-Katalog

Latexa Fetish Pleasure Compilation
Fetish Pleasure-Compilation Katalog

Latexa Fetish Pleasure Blowup - Condoms - Mask - Gags
Fetish Pleasure-Blowup-Condoms-Mask-Gags-Katalog